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  3. In the footsteps of Lugris

In the footsteps of Lugris

In the footsteps of Lugris

One of the QR plates which guides you through the route

Old picture of Casa do Pescador

Lugris, sitting by the window, with black suit and glasses

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Do you want to follow the steps of the painter of the sea? This route from the “Malpica O mar das Sisargas” project will guide you through the QR codes that you will find at various points of the town. All you need is a smartphone to be able to access all the contents while you walk.

Urbano Lugris (A Coruña 1908- Vigo 1973) was a surrealist painter who worked with different techniques: murals, silkscreen, collages, oil painting … works with clear references to the seafaring world. Although from A Coruña, Lugris established a special relationship with Malpica, where he left a personal and unforgettable pictorial imprint.

The route that recalls his presence and legacy of this “painter of the sea” begins in the plaza de Anselmo Villar Amigo. Very close to here is the Bar Novo, where in 1956 Urban Lugris stayed during the time in which he carried out the decoration of the Casa do Pescador, and that would link him to the town of Malpica, its culture, its people and its sea forever.

The next information point is found in the former eatery of Cadeiro in calle Emilio González, going towards Area Maior beach. Here you will learn more about the seafarer social gatherings.

The last point on the route will lead you directly to the headquarters of the Guild, because Lugris had the soul of the fisherman. Some of his works are still preserved here.