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  3. A Ribeira Mills

A Ribeira Mills

A Ribeira Mills

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In a place of great beauty, the mills of A Ribeira are distributed on the two banks of the Rego de Os Muiños and very close to the cliff coast.

The ethnographic group is formed by 5 mills, which were used to take advantage of the small flow of the river before this falls into the sea. They are all quadrangular buildings made from slate building materials and have a single footing. Depending on the position of the structure, the solution given to the water going down with force toward the wheel varies, we find channel and bucket mills.

Before descending to a valley where the windmills are, you will see a stone cross that reminds us of the shipwreck of the boat “David” (8th July 1899). Here the boat’s skipper and his three sons drowned. [Source: Xelucho Abella Chouciño]. Although this is a widespread version, there are more version to explain the cross in this place.

Os Pinos no Mar Route goes through here, a path with which to enjoy the nature of the wildest coast of Malpica.
There is another ethnographic group in the municipality, composed of three mills. It is located in the middle course of the river Vaa.