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  3. Os Riás

Os Riás

O Riás


Among the rocks you will find the Os Riás beach. About 0.3 miles long and 21 yards wide, it is a good place for taking a stroll along the shore and appreciating the natural value of this rugged coast nestled in a rural area.

The Os Riás beach, located some 8 miles from the village of Malpica, can be reached from Cambre. Past the group of houses, you have two paths: if you continue straight ahead, you get to the San Miro beach, frequented by surfers; if you take the path on the right you will descend towards a picnic area and finally, arrive at the Os Riás beach. It is also a good viewpoint overlooking the coast..

When the tide is full, the Os Riás beach disappears and hides under the waves, but when the tide recedes, Os Riás joins the As Torradas beach, and natural tide pools big enough for swimming are formed. It is, undoubtedly, an excellent place to discover on the Costa da Morte.

Os Pinos no Mar Route, a route especially adapted for cycling, begins in the village of Malpica (an 18-mile round trip), runs through Os Riás, and ends in the Razo beach, Carballo.

  • Servizos: Picnic area, viewpoint and footpath
  • Acceso: By car, on the Buño to Malpica road (AC-414)