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  3. As Torradas

As Torradas

As Torradas


Some 9 miles from Malpica, almost on the boundary with the neighbouring municipality of Carballo, lies the As Torradas beach.

A protected and almost deserted spot, it is an idyllic, solitary and quiet beach with rough surf and pristine waters, located in a wild and rural area. Since 2010, it can be accessed by a flight of stairs, and if you wait for the tide to fall you will see how the beach widens and joins the neighbouring beach of Os Riás.

Close by, you can find the A Herbosa inlet, the O Aguieiro islet, the As Ermitas pebbled beach (coídos in Galician) and the Carballeira de San Bartolomeu, also known as Devesa dos Conventos, an oak forest that almost reaches sea level. In the distance you can also see the Sisargas Islands and the Malpica peninsula.

Os Pinos no Mar Route, a signposted cycling and hiking route beginning in the village of Malpica and ending in Razo beach, goes through here. The route, as well as all 31 miles of Malpica’s coastal area, is part of the Natura 2000 Network – Costa da Morte Site of Community Importance (SCI).

  • Servizos: Footpath
  • Acceso: By car, on the Buño to Razo and Buño to Malpica (AC-414) roads.