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  3. Ceiruga




Also known as Esteiro, this is Malpica’s longest beach after Area Maior. It is located approximately 4 miles from the city center, with clearly signposted access points from the Malpica to Ponteceso road.

It is a wild beach, very sheltered from the wind, located in the Esteiro inlet, at the mouth of the Deva river, around which a dune system, meadowlands and other areas of ecological interest were formed. The wetland of O Xuncal do Martelo is the place chosen by otters, ducks and herons to nest and rest in between their migratory journeys. The salt marshes are natural breeding grounds for numerous species of fish such as sea bass.

Here you will also find different plant species such as the European beachgrass (Ammophilia arenaria), whose roots hold the sand dunes in place, and the Hare’s-tail grass (Lagurus ovatus), whose ‘spikelets’, known as the Virgin’s tears, are used to decorate some of Buño’s famous pottery pieces.

Ceiruga is the perfect beach for family entertainment since the small ria is very safe for children. On the right side you’ll see cliff grottoes (furnas in Galician) and, depending on the time of day, anglers chasing seabass.

  • Acceso: By car, on the Malpica to Ponteceso road (AC-4307)