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  3. Mostra da Olería

Mostra da Olería

Mostra da Olería


The Mostra da Olería of Buño is an event that allows us to get to know about one of the trades with the most personality in Galicia, the result of an ancestral tradition and a wisdom handed down from generation to generation. The document with the Mostra activities is here.

Visitors will find an area where the latest artistic creations of the potters of this town are exhibited, with stalls and an exhibition, as well as the presence of these craftsmen doing live demonstrations on the lathe which give shape to the clay. Workshops are also held where visitors can become potters for a few minutes by setting to work with one of these professionals.

Although it that may not seem like a festival as such, the Mostra da Oleria has its own extensive programme of cultural and leisure activities that provide moments of leisure that represent a complete experience that should not be missed. In this way, Buño offers guided tours, folklore performances, gastronomic events, concerts and all kinds of demonstrations related to crafts that the clay of the lands of Buño gives form to.

You should not miss the opportunity to visit the Forno do Forte Ecomuseum, to know what life was like for the potters in a house and an original workshop, or to witness the traditional Kiln, where the pieces made by hand are baked in an artisan kiln prepared for the occasion by following the guidelines that tradition sets.